About Sarah

The small chorus, and soprano Sarah Reddin, who sparkles as the coquettish Giannetta, are excellent, both in dynamic range and characterisation.

(L’elisir d’amore, The Irish Times)

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“Music is my life – I have dedicated many happy years to honing my craft, and I sing with a passion that comes from my soul. I was asked to sing at a friend’s wedding many years ago, which I was only delighted to do. But what struck me was how powerful the music was during their ceremony – how it lent itself so beautifully to intimate moments, how it so wonderfully captured the mood of the gathering, how it gracefully accompanied the love between the couple, and for the couple. I was hooked. “

“If I can bring even the tiniest bit of joy and beauty to what is already the happiest day in your life together, I would be honoured.”

“The first time I heard Sarah sing, I knew she was the only one I’d ever have at my wedding. She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and if anyone is lucky enough to have her at their wedding, I know they’ll feel the same. She is extremely professional, very lovely and an outstanding singer. I can’t praise her enough.”

Alana Loison, Dublin